Pediatric Pulse Oximeter - 300PN (OxyWatch)

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  • FDA 510k approved
  • Uses customized pediatric oximetry sensor calibrated for children’s skin
  • Use for children with a minimum of 35 lbs
  • Has a bright OLED display
  • Contains 6 display models allowing data to be viewed in any lighting 
  • Has 1-year warranty
  • One-button operation
  • Ultra-lightweight (1.8 oz) and easy to carry
  • Fast, accurate, continuous readings
  • 4 parameters reading (SPO2, PR, Heatbeat bar meter, heartbeat waveform)
  • Automatic power-off with low-battery indicator
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    OctiveTech 300PN pediatric finger pulse oximeter is specially designed to provide spot-check for oxygen saturation level and pulse rate for adults and children. This adult & pediatric pulse oximeter is widely used to detect conditions such as hypoxemia, a deficiency in the concentration of oxygen in arterial blood, whether due to an inadequate supply or poor circulation. The OctiveTech 300PN pulse oixmeter is a TRUE Adult & Pediatric oximeter with customized firmware and chipset specifically designed with both adult and child anatomy in mind. Please be aware that some oximeters on the market claim to be pediatric oximeters by changing the pulse oximeter to a smaller size.

    The Spo2 & Oxygen Saturation

    The relationship between SpO2 and oxygen saturation is depicted by the oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve. In other words, relatively small changes in SpO2 result in large changes in a child's blood oxygen saturation, or blood oxygen level. Pulse oximetry uses technology that provides instantaneous information that is sensitive to any change in the infant's oxygen status in cases where they may be a risk of hypoxia, a state of unsafe low oxygen levels. As a result, using a pediatric pulse oximeter helps parents to detect early episodes of desaturation that are not yet apparent to the clinician or parents. Heart rate pulse is another vital indication of children's health condition that is also detected by this oximeter.

    The OctiveTech 300PN

    The OctiveTech 300PN (Adult and Pediatric) oximeter uses a customized pediatric oxymetry sensor calibrated for both adult and children's skin, which could be as thin as 0.3 inches (8mm). The oximeter opening is specially tailored for pediatric care and pediatric nursing. This helps prevent the oximeter from getting inaccurate readings due to movement. The age range for pediatric use has a minimum weight of 35lbs. or 16kg. A bright OLED display and 6 Display models allows data to be viewed with clarity from all directions in any weather conditions. This item is covered under 1-year manufacturers warranty. 


    • Adult & Pediatric probe sensor specially calibrated for both adult and children/infants' skin (as thin as 0.3 inches/ 8 mm).
    • Pediatric oximeter is ergonomically designed with a smaller sized opening to secure smaller fingers, allowing accurate readings.
    • One button operation.
    • Next-generation OLED display ensures crystal clear readings in all light conditions.
    • 4 parameters reading (SpO2, PR, Heart beat bar-meter, and heart beat waveform).
    • 6 Display models allows data to be viewable from all directions.
    • Fast, accurate, continuous readings.
    • Interference resistance against ambient light.
    • Ultra-lightweight (1.8oz or 50g including batteries).
    • Automatic power-off with low battery indicator.
    • Easy to carry: Oxymeter case, Neck/wrist cord
    • Colors may vary *

    Extended Specifications

    • SPO2
      Range: 0%-99%
      Resolution: 1%
      Accuracy: 80%--99%, ±2%
      70%--80%, ±3%
      0%-69%, unspecified
    • Pulse Rate
      Range: 0-235 BPM
      Resolution: 1bpm
      Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2%
    • Alarm
      Low power indicator
    • Battery
      Type: 2 AAA Alkaline batteries
      Operation time: 30 hours of normal operation
    • Environmental
      Operating Temperature: 5°C-40°C
      Storage Temperature: -10°C – 40°C
      Operating humidity: 15%RH-80%RH
      Storage Humidity:10%RH-80%RH
    • Dimensions
      Weight: 1.8oz (50g)
    • Display
      Type: OLED
      Parameter: spo2, PR, bargraph, spo2 waveform
      Mode: 6 display modes
    • Warranty: 
      1 year
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