Handheld Pulse Oximeter CMS-60D (Software Loaded)

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Handheld Pulse Oximeter CMS-60D (Software Loaded) is available to buy in increments of 1
  • Alarm feature can warn user when it surpasses set limits, if the finger is out of position, or if the voltage is low.
  • Can store 24 hours worth of data that can be uploaded to your computer with the included software & cable
  • Large OLED screen allows easy access to your results in any environment
  • Adjustable display modes and screen brigthtness
  • Small, lightweight & easy to carry - about the size of an iPod Classic
  • Accurate within ±2% for SpO2 levels (70-99%)
  • FDA & CE approved
  • 1 Year warranty

Package Contents

  • 1x CMS-60D Handheld Pulse Oximeter
  • 1x Instruction Manual 
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Software Installation CD (for windows XP/Vista/Win2000/Win7)
  • 1x Adult Spo2 Probe


Authorized by FDA and CE, powered by included SPO2 data management software, CMS-60D Handheld Pulse Oximeter with real time alarm is suitable for family, hospital, oxygen bar, community healthcare, physical care for athletes and sports enthusiasts. It is also an ideal oxygen monitor for the pilots who are flying at high altitudes in uncompressed cabins. This versatile product is available for both infants and adults, depending on the probe you use; and it is suitable for both continuous monitoring and spot check. Featuring a large OLED display which allows you to read in the dark and during severe weather conditions, the CMS-60D Handheld Pulse Oximeter provides fast, real-time and accurate readings including SpO2, Pulse Rate, with a bar graph indicating pulse intensity and pulse waveform. This item is small, lightweight and easy-to-carry.

The CMS-60D features alarms (auditory and visual) if the finger is out of position, if the voltage is low, if it measures a reading beyond set limits and even when the probe is disconnected. Several display modes and adjustable screen brightness levels allow patients and doctors to see the readings more comfortably and conveniently.

Powered by 2 AA dry batteries or rechargeable batteries, the CMS-60D has the ability to store 24 hours worth of data including both measured pulse rate value and SpO2 value. Readings can be uploaded to your computer easily using the free software and data line that is included with the device.  

This item is covered under 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Free software to upload and analyze up to 24 hours of data at a time (WinXP/2000/Win7 and Vista).
  • USB cable for data transfer
  • Large blue multicolour/multi-directional OLED display with adjustable brightness levels.
  • 4 parameters reading (SpO2, PR, Bar graph, Pulse waveform).
  • Fast, accurate, continuous readings.
  • Alarms(auditory and visual) when pulse rate or SpO2 falls below preset levels, low voltage, finger out or probe detachment.
  • Routine Check Mode and Continuous Monitoring Mode
  • Clock
  • Suitable for use by pilots and other personnel operating in high altitudes.
  • FDA and CE approved

Extended Specifications

  • SPO2 - Digital
    Range: 0%-99%
    Accuracy:±2% (70-99%)
    0--69%, unspecified
  • Pulse Rate
    Range: 30bpm-250bpm
    Resolution: 1bpm
  • Measurement Performance in low perfusion
    Oxyhemoglobin and Pulse value can be shown accurately when pulse-filling rate is 0.4%
  • Power supply
    Requirement:2.6V DC-3.6V DC 
  • Battery
    Type: Interior battery, BF
    Requirement:2 AA dry batteries
  • Interference Resistance Capacity Against Ambient Light
    Deviation is smaller than ±1% between value of Oxyhemoglobin measured in natural lighting indoor condition and present lighting sources and that meandered in dark room.
  • Environmental
    Operating Temperature: 10°C-40°C
    Storage Temperature: -40°C- +60°C
    Operating humidity: 30%RH-75%RH
    Storage Humidity:5%RH-95%RH
    Operating Pressure:700hPa-1060hPa
    Storage Pressure: 500hPa – 1060hPa
  • Dimensions
    Size:110*60*23 mm
    Weight:6.3oz((180g with batteries)
  • Display
    Type: blue OLED
    Parameter: SpO2 (2-digit), PR (3-digit),bar graph,Pleth waveform
    Adjustable brightness level
  • Warranty:
    1 year limited manufacturer warranty


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