Clinical Guard Announces Website Upgrade

While technologies stepping forward into a new phase, it is time for us to keep up with the pace of times. As one of most popular ecommerce platform, Magento 1 has served as Clinical Guard website platform for nearly half a decade. Now, this platform is phasing out and is substituted by Magento 2, a new platform evolved from Magento 1.

We have deployed Magento 2 as the new platform for our website, now online and available for use, while we are still improving to satisfy our customers so they will have the best browsing and shopping experience. Customers can log into their accounts with previous passwords to do the routines such as tracking orders, checking wish lists, viewing account information and stored addresses, leaving their product reviews. It is noticeable that the interface is changed, however, it is very easy to play around.

We are very happy to hear from you for suggestions and advices. We value every customer of ours, and are grateful for your patronage. Please register and leave a comment below if you have any words related to improving our website.

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